Course Information


A number of approaches to course assessment are used by Institute staff. Assessment approaches may include: observation of performance in class/ automotive workshop, Gym/Massage Clinic, case studies, projects, assignments; presentations, role plays, practical demonstration, clinical training, written tests and exams, work experience or work placement.

Students who are dissatisfied with their assessment outcome may apply for reassessment by contacting their trainer or assessor.


A number of approaches to course delivery are used by Institute staff. Course delivery approaches may include trainer led classroom delivery; practical workshop; seminars; tutorials and supervised study. During class time, students will be expected to participate by, for example, answering questions, giving opinions, demonstrating tasks, working with others in groups, making presentations and role-playing situations.


Academic Course Progress

Students at CMI are required to regularly attend classes and achieve satisfactory course progress. If students do not make satisfactory academic progress, they may be reported to the Department of Home Affairs which may affect their visa status.

Unsatisfactory progress is defined as not successfully completing or demonstrating competency in at least 50% of the units in that study period.

A failure of units in any study period will trigger a review of academic progress by the school and the implementation of an intervention strategy. Failing a unit means being assessed as ‘Not Yet Competent (NYC)’ for a completed unit after one or more opportunities for re-assessment has been provided or a result appeal process has been undertaken. In order to have the best chance of maintaining satisfactory progress you must:

  • Attend all theory and practical classes and pay attention to the work and activities undertaken in class;
  • Study the theory and practice the skills that are taught in class;
  • Ensure that you are present for all assessment activities scheduled by the trainers;
  • Make an appointment with the Student Support Officer or Training Manager if you are having any difficulties with your studies.

Attendance Requirements

CMI gives strong emphasis on attendance requirements. CMI collects and monitors attendance on regular basis, contact students who are not attending classes and identify appropriate support that can be provided to the students. CMI will ensure that students are provided with full support by implementing intervention strategies so that students can complete their course on time. Students must maintain satisfactory attendance (i.e. minimum 80% of attendance) throughout the course. Low attendance implies that students might not be able to complete their course on time and this will lead to students breaching their visa conditions.  Hence, students are required to attend classes in accordance with course timetables to make satisfactory course progress. CMI is required to report the students on the basis of unsatisfactory course progress to the department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Note: Students will not be reported on the basis of attendance. However, Low attendance may lead to unsatisfactory course progress which can lead to you being reported to DHA.