CMI is a premium education institute offering a variety of courses in Melbourne CBD

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Message from the CEO

Central Melbourne Institute has come a long way in a short amount of time and we currently have international students studying with us from around the world. Our academic programs are professionally oriented with much focus given to academic excellence and graduate employability. We are dedicated to the promotion of quality education in a wide range of disciplines, including Automotive Technology, Business, Project Management, Massage and Fitness.

The high standard of teaching maintained by Central Melbourne Institute has made it the first choice of many aspiring students. Our courses have a strong practical component which prepares student for the challenges in the workplace. The scope and content of all our courses as well as academic and practical activities are regularly upgraded to keep abreast with trends in the Australian job market. Our courses, aim not just to create appropriate skills for our students, but also to enhance their creativity and knowledge in their chosen discipline. The quality and relevance of CMI’s course have gained much market recognition with our graduates successfully securing remunerative jobs. We are confident that with the enthusiasm and support of our staff and students, the Central Melbourne Institute will attain greater heights in the few years to come.

Dr. Peter Lewis

Dr. Peter Lewis